Questions growing over Iranian regime chiefs’ corruption

The reporter says, “Hello dear viewers.  In these times, we should watch and see what is going on within the Iranian regime. Now the heads of the regime’s two branches of power [the executive and legislative branches] are grappling in a battle with one another, like the old days when people took knives and butted one another with their foreheads preparing to fight.”

The narrator says, “On Wednesday December 28, 2016, the cleric Rouhani asked “if anyone acting alone could embezzle and steal three billion dollars.  If so, where were his connections? Who were his accomplices? And if he is executed, then what about the fate of this massive sum of money? Who were the culprits involved along with him?”

He continues, “On Monday January 2, 2017, the cleric Sadeq Larijani said, “In the case of Babak Zanjani, the government and Foreign Ministry must be held accountable. Since you say that we should seek the facts behind the curtain of secrecy, okay we don’t mind that. So let’s bring in all those who he confessed were involved with him in embezzlement and seizing this money, and if it’s required we’d detain them to find out what was involved in this matter and to figure out who gave them permission for this and where his money came from.”

The reporter adds, “‘As you can see, these disputes were coming close to physical violence.  At first Rouhani said that Babak Zanjani must be arrested and handed over to the intelligence services to discover how he obtained such a massive sum of money.   But the judicial branch took pre-emptive action in an effort to thwart and prevent these clandestine deeds from being exposed and uncovered.”

He continues, “Now, however,  Amoli (Sadeq) Larijani says, “Okay, if you want we’ll reveal the clandestine information to figure out where his [Babak Zanjani’s] money came from. “And we’re witnessing the gangs on both sides in ongoing disputes and fights, saying ‘Mashallah, Mashallah’ [i.e. expressing joy and pleasure].  Now in the midst of all this fighting, the referee, the Supreme Leader of all Shiite Muslims globally [Ayatollah Khamenei] has chosen to be silent, while keeping himself busy and being entertained by admiring these young  champions, saying, “I gladly and proudly accept the medals granted to me by the elite medalists.

Then he wonders, “What is the value of such words? And what about the case of Syria?  Why don’t you speak about it? The dispute between the branches of power of the regime has reached, where?  It seems to be shipwrecked, with the Supreme Leader bogged down in the mud.