Iranian regime thugs film public lynching as “warning” to Ahwazi Arabs

This grotesque “souvenir” video uploaded by Iranian regime intelligence officials shows a young Ahwazi Arab prisoner from Karoon prison, who was taken from his prison cell at night to be publicly hanged by masked regime thugs.

The lynching and the public release of the video are part of an effort to terrorize the Ahwazi people into silence and intimidate them into abandoning protests against regime brutality and injustice.

Ahwazi people are subjected to a de facto apartheid system by the Iranian regime, treated as fifth class citizens and effectively criminalized for their Arab ethnicity. Despite the Ahwaz region, being home to over 90 percent of the oil and gas claimed by the Iranian regime, the people see none of the massive wealth accrued from their resources, all of which goes to the regime, with Ahwazis enduring horrendous deprivation and abuse.

This year, 2017 will mark the ninety-second year of the Iranian occupation of Ahwaz; the 1925 occupation, like the later occupation of Palestine, took place with the support of the then British Empire.  The Iranian “resistance” regime, which so enthusiastically exploits the cause of Palestinian freedom,  while denying the Ahwazi Arab people the most basic of rights, including the right to speak their own language, Arabic, or even to wear their traditional Arab garb.

Despite this, generations of Ahwazi activists have continued and still continue to risk their lives to demand the freedom and dignity which are – according to the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights – the birthright of all peoples, with many being executed on ludicrous charges such as ‘Moharebeh’  (“enmity against God”) for the ‘crime’ of demanding freedom.   The world’s humanitarian organizations and the UN remain silent.