Iranian regime agent’s “souvenir” video shows regime thugs chasing, firing on unarmed Ahwazi Arab civilians

This ‘souvenir’ video uploaded to social media by Iranian regime intelligence service officer shows the agent and his colleagues in a vehicle pursuing and firing on a terrified unarmed Ahwazi Arab motorist and his friends, all civilians. The intelligence agent sitting in the passenger seat can be seen ordering a colleague in the back seat of their vehicle to roll his window down and open fire on the targeted man’s car, causing the victim to lose control of the steering, with another car crashing into his own.  As soon as the car stops, the victim and his friends, all unarmed civilians, are dragged out of the vehicle, beaten and handcuffed.  This sort of abusive behavior is everyday conduct for regime officials towards Ahwazis, who are treated as second-class citizens by the regime and subjected to apartheid-style brutality and injustice for the “crime” of being Arab.