Iran warns US: ‘We Will Destroy Your Ships, Planes, Military Bases’

The Iranian TV, Channel One

IRGC Deputy Commander Hossein Salami says, “The warning and message of the Revolution’s Supreme Leader was very clear, precise, serious and real today. For Americans to understand this great message well, I’d like to announce that the time has ended for achieving political superiority through intimidation, and even use of military force.

Salami adds, “Americans should not compare their past military victories over decrepit armies– which rather resembled maneuvers without enemies or military shows– with outcomes and aftermaths of confrontation with the great Islamic country of Iran. They should not make error in their calculation.”

Salami continues, “I, as a military commander experienced in war who was raised during war and to whom war is a real –and not a fictional– phenomenon, warn Americans and tell them: We have empowered ourselves for extensive, long wars with possibility of real victory over them, rather than for making peace, seeking compromise or interacting with them.”

He also says, “Therefore, Americans should take these warnings seriously. Americans should know that if they rely on their aircraft carriers as a source of power, they will be destroyed. If Americans use air bases on the ground, those will be set on fire too. Americans should know that if their aircrafts fly in the sky, all over the sky will be on fire.”

Salami threatens, “We warn their pilots that their first flight will be their last. No one is going to return safe. And they should call their flights as the ‘last flights’. We have prepared ourselves for the worst case scenario.”

He ends, “This is a very simple idea for us. We welcome war with Americans, because we believe that we can display real potentials of our power there; that there will be the field of our success. If Americans are bluffing or waging a psychological war, we still take the issue seriously. And if they are telling the truth, we are ready to show them who we really are in the battlefield.”