If our resistance bulwark in Syria falls by the enemy, then certainly we must wait for the enemy in Iran


A commander in the IRGC says, “The debate as to what extent Syria is linked to us [Iran] or not associated with us is another argument. We have raised this discussion in our writings as well as in various forums, while we remained in the service of our friends. During one period, we were in Damascus city where the Damascus International Airport, which is about 20 or 30 kilometers from the capital was targeted by rockets that resulted in the martyrdom of many passengers, as well as a bus driver who was transferring the passengers to the airplane, as has occurred a couple of times.

He adds, “However, I was telling my friends that if today we do not protect Damascus, if we do not defend and protect Syria, and if, God forbid, Damascus and Syria fall, then we must wait to see the enemies launch rockets attack targeting Imam Khomeini International Airport while we sit in Tehran waiting for them to capture Tehran.

He also continues, “For these reasons, there is no doubt about it when we say Syrian is the resistance line and Syria is actually the first bulwark of Iran’s Islamic revolution. Thirty-five years ago we established the Islamic revolution, and the enemies existed inside our country; however through various justified ways and means, we, our fathers and many of you dear people who participated in the revolution have had managed to expel the enemy from our country.

The commander says, “Instead of  directing our bulwark and front to the western borders part of the country as we did with Baathist Iraq during eight years of war, due to the wisdom of Imam Khomeini, we have established our bulwark  wall-to-wall with the Zionist regime’s borders, in occupied Palestine; our border guards have now become the border guards of Syria,  our border guards have become  the border guards of occupied Palestine, our border guards became our Hezbollah forces, as well as the men of the Lebanese resistance.

He continues, “Today this bulwark is under threat because of Syria uprising which means if it [the Assad regime] falls then it will, in turn, be disconnected from our Islamic republic’s revolution and will resemble other revolutions of Tunisia, Egypt, and many other regional countries, that a revolution ignited and changed the former revolution and as the same time this revolution will be against its people and its nation.

He adds, “The impact that our resistance front, the Steadfast Front, is having is not from the Egyptian  revolution because we were not involved in it; however   Syria for us is a special case because if that front, the resistance bulwark in Syria, falls, and is conquered  and occupied by the enemy, then certainly we must wait for the enemy here in our country, because at that time our border guards would be destroyed.

ٍٍSo, in such a situation, we do not know how to deal with it and to face it, and we keep saying for what reason we are defending Syrian peoples, but let’s put aside the humanity  side of Syrians and  assume  at least  in such situation we as Shia are defending ourselves there [our borders]

He ends, “let’s  consider it sensibly and declare it openly that our Islamic revolution  is indebted to the blood of those killed in Syria,  and  if we in Islamic Iran are now living  In peace  we must do something to ensure that this peace in our country continues and take action to expand this peace to whole world. One of the fronts on which our manhood and bravery are going to be proved is in Syria now, which [explains] our current military presence.”