Unprecedented controversial disclosure, Khazali’s innovations!


The Iranian TV, DORR TV

Mehdi Khazali is a scholar, staunch critic of Iran’s establishment and son of right-wing cleric and former Guardian Council member, Abolghasem Khazali.

Khazali says, “Gentlemen! We should say it out loud: we did wrong. I said my share. You went up the walls of [the U.S.] embassy and launched a war. But it was I who was hit with pieces of shrapnel. Yet again I say I did wrong because I should have known from the very first day that you were doing wrong.”

He continues, “I should have stood up to you. I’m sorry, people! I didn’t know that I should have stood up to them that day. But I do so today. While I was there, he would say: beat them! I’d say they are women and children, sir! How can we beat them? He’d say: they shouldn’t have come out; beat them!”

Mehdi Khazali ends, “Even during the Shah’s regime, when it was a curfew and a woman was in labor, the police themselves would take her to the hospital. How can you tell us to beat them? Mr. Jalaeepour! You who say beautiful words today, first tell people that you did wrong in Kurdistan when you issued directive to shoot women and children, then talk about being a reformist.”