Iran: Students fall ill due to lack of heating in school

These images  of students whose school has heating problems.

Student: I feel cold.


Reporter: Are you cold?


The student: Yes, I am.


Reporter: Are you sick too? Student: yes I am. Reporter:



Student: It is cold but the heating system (gas network) is not connected.


Reporter: why you covered yourself with blanket? Student: because it is cold.


Report: does your class have heater?


Student, yes it does but it is not working.


Report: where are your classmate?


Student:  they are absent because they got cold and did not come to class.

Reporter: how long have you been coming to school with blanket? Student: two months.


Reporter:  why your classmates have not come to school?


Student: because they are sick (got a cold) , staying home.


Reporter: the parents’ students are unhappy because the officials have not followed the issue and did not take any step to fix it.


Reporter: how many of your children are attending this school?


A father of  students: two of my children are here.


Report: what do you want to say about the lack of heating system in the classes?


The father: they are just feeling cold and have to carry blanket to cover themselves in the class.

Second father of a student:  A benevolent man just donated around 700 or 800 million Tomans however the school officials could not fix the heating system and tell the students to bring blankets to keep themselves warm.


Third father of a student: I have personally called the education department on this issue and even they have shut down the classes for two days in the morning because children were feeling very cold. What we can do about it, we have complained about it but the school officials did not care about the problem anymore.


Reporter: one of the female teachers who agreed   to  be interviewed with us on this issue has said: students had a long absence from the school due to the extreme cold and the lack of heating system in the classes.


Teacher: I could not teach the students because seven or eight of them are still absent. In addition to that, the parents of students brought their children for couple of times and have shown us the medical prescription and the high medical expenses , up to 100,000 Tomans (equally 25 dollar) they paid for their children treatment after they got sick due to extreme cold weather and the absence of heating system. However, despite this situation we still do not have heating system in the classes.

The reporter: Is it a new school?

The teacher: yes it is new school and it has heating system but it seems the Gas Company  did not install the gas network for the school and the school officials also did not take any steps to resolve it.


The reporter: although the school is new one that was built by a benevolent man’s money, it has been opened for just three month it still does not have heating system.


The benevolent donor who contracted with the builder stipulated that a working heating system would be installed. However, there is no news from the concerned officials to follow up and address the issue.

Tajik Noori, IRIB reporter.