Iranian regime security forces intensify home demolition operations in Baluchistan, violent clashes erupt

The Iranian regime authorities along with security forces have brutally demolished and confiscated many of the Baluchi people’s homes almost under the pretext of building without a permit. The regime forces, by demolishing the home of the Baluchi citizens in the Keshawarz neighborhood provoked fierce indignation among local people.

As a result, violent and armed clashes broke out in between the Iranian regime forces and the Baluchi citizens in response to the wanton aggressive action, which outraged the local people.  The resistance of the local people of Baluchistan to foil the security forces from destroying the homes was in vain, and dozens of houses were razed to the ground. It needs to be noticed, double suppression, discrimination and inhuman crackdown inflicted on Baluchi people by the Iranian regime.

Incidentally, Sistan-Baluchistan is Iran’s poorest province, and home to the ethnic Baluch who remains disenfranchised in Iran both as a non-Persian ethnic minority and as Sunni Muslims.