Poverty in Iran


This video shows various Iranian individuals claiming of poverty suffer in their living.

-They put their feet on poor people’s shoulders.

-Below 3 million Tomans are poverty line.

-The rich can never understand the poor.

-I know someone who has a very high position, yet works as a driver for a car agency.

-Imam Ali used to say, if I pay one dirham, you should pay one dirham too.

-When some plunder, when some plunder a lot of money, it is obvious that others fall short of money.

-The more they plunder, the weaker and more abject people become.

-What kind of life is this? Death is better than this life.

-When it is our turn, nothing is left.

-A retired employee with 30 years of service for the government does not seem to belong to the government. Even when he goes to his office, no one welcomes him. I have come from a province wandering from place to place in search of a job to make ends for my family and children. I have retired 30 years ago. I have 4 kids. They give me 1 million and 5 hundred tomans per month which are not enough to even pay for water, electricity and gas bills. It cannot even pay the rent.

-I’m not satisfied with my pension. Those who are paid more than 20 or 40 million tomans are very satisfied. Very satisfied! They cannot sleep at night thinking what if their pay becomes less, say 10 million tomans. They are even dissatisfied with 10 million tomans. How can they understand our suffering with 7 or 8 hundred thousand tomans a month? They get upset thinking what the hell are they going to do if their pay decreases to 10 million tomans!

-I have 4 children. They want to get married. No matter how hard I try, I cannot afford the marriage costs. What kind of life is this? I’d rather die. Some are plundering a lot, while some poor people are desperate for 1 million or 8 hundred thousand tomans. They are paid 8 hundred thousand tomans which are not enough even for paying water and electricity bills. What kind of life is this? I expect the President and his cabinet to do something at least for the retired.

-Those authorities who received those [astronomical] salaries. Was even one of them shown [to people]? Was that money taken away from them? Was that money given to the poor, as promised?

-A person’s pay is 2 million tomans. This 2 million toman just pays the rent of an apartment. That person has a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren. He is dealing with thousands of problems. How can he afford it? He has a reputation to keep. He has honor.

-He has worked a lifetime. He has worked hard for 30 years. He is an old man now. He should not beg for money from others.

-Pensions are not enough. For instance, a retired person who has worked 30 years. He has a lot of expenses. He has a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren. The pensions cannot pay for his expenses.

-My pay was about 1 million and 3 hundred thousand and something tomans this year. This establishment was supposed to work for creating equality among people. No such thing has been achieved so far.

-We are covered by [Imam Khomeini] Relief Foundation. How much do you think we are paid? 20 thousand tomans! Can 20 thousand tomans be called money? Broadcast this [interview] so that they can at least understand. I am a man who has worked for nothing for 15 years.

-Currently, rising prices, poverty and misery of people is much more than what we are talking about. Our concerns include high prices and poverty in society. The Social Security Organization has the highest income in Iran.

It helps the government but does not help pensioners, does not help its own beneficiaries much. It does not provide them with many services. Considering these huge amounts of salaries directors receive, you can see a contrast. It creates a sort of gap among people. People of this country have given blood, have given martyrs to establish justice, to uphold law. But unfortunately, the law is not enforced.

-These are all [our] pains. Think of us a little! This will cause God’s wrath. I swear it will. I’m sure about it.

-Each month, I pay 300 to 400 thousand tomans only for medicine and doctors’ visits. It [pension] does not pay the rent, water and electricity and gas bills. Then we should live with this amount of money! What kind of life is this? Death is better than this. 5:00

-While we are just keeping up appearances, we blush in front of our children. We cannot provide for them. We cannot provide for their future needs, buy houses and furniture for them. So if they [authorities] can help us, they’d better do so. And if they do not want to, then they surely need to be accountable to God.Enough with excuses like, so-and-so took it [the money] or so-and-so stole it. This has nothing to do with me at all. They [authorities] must be efficient enough to monitor it [money] and not let it be stolen.

-The retired need support. Why aren’t they supported? We have served the government, so we need to be supported, not discarded. It seems as if we do not exist. They treat us as if we are dead.

-1 million and 2 or 3 hundred thousand tomans. That’s it after three years! What can I do with this 1 million and 2 or 3 hundred thousand tomans? I have three children. And there is also my wife and I. It is difficult to make ends meet. It is really difficult.

-One person’s salary is 8 million tomans. While I, a retired man, am paid 1 million and 4 hundred thousand tomans. Can that person understand my problems? He has never tried to be in my shoes.

-Everyone knows. The establishment itself knows too. Our authorities know as well. Yet they fail to do their duty. If one’s [monthly] income is 300 or 400 million tomans, it means he is paid 15 million tomans a day. Really? What is going on, sir? What kind of job is this? What are you doing for which you are paid this much?

-Where are we going like this? People are so desperate and struggling for a little piece of bread.

-I retired 8 years ago. And for the last 8 years, I have been working exactly from 8 a.m. to 6 or 7 p.m. for a private company. My income is 7 hundred thousand tomans, which is below the poverty line. And this also includes my second job.

-70 percent of employees under State Employment Law are paid less than 9 hundred thousand tomans. And 9 hundred thousand tomans is the least [salary]. And this amount was set this year.

-No one cares about us. I am an Iranian. Why should it be like this in my Iran, my homeland, a country which the whole world say is [as precious as] gold? Why?