Egyptian coastguards foil Iranian attempt to smuggle tons of drugs

In the framework of the Navy’s implementation of tasks to secure and protect our maritime borders and decisively address efforts by smugglers and criminal elements aimed at undermining the nation’s resources, a successful operation by naval forces with cooperating of interior ministry   thwarted an attempt to smuggle a large quantity of narcotic substances into the country.”  And based on reports indicating the presence of a suspect Iranian vessel in Egypt’s territorial waters in the Red Sea, the Armed Forces General Command ordered the navy to monitor the Iranian vessel, before instructing a naval unit to board the ship and search the vessel for contraband substances.


During the inspection sacks containing white powder were found hidden under the floors of the ship’s bathrooms, with a total of 319 sacks recovered in total weighing approximately 171 kilograms.


The vessel, the ‘Abadan’, was seized, along with its crew of seven individuals of different nationalities, four of whom hold Iranian citizenship, two of whom are Indian nationals, and one of whom holds Pakistani citizenship have been handed over to the concerned officials so as to take legal precludes  over them