Tehran’s conference on regional security!



The Iranian TV, Channel Two

The anchor starts, “The first International Conference on Regional Security Order in West Asia began in Tehran on 11 December 2016, with senior Iranian and foreign officials attending the opening ceremony. The participating officials stressed the need for unity between Islamic countries to counter terrorism and strengthen economic relations.


The anchor continues, “The opening speech was delivered by the Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani.” Larijani says, “Iran’s diplomatic strategy operates on the basis of convergence between Islamic countries and on combating and countering terrorist groups, as well as the Zionist regime, in the region.

Larijani asserted, “The recent anti-Iranian comments by British Prime Minister Theresa May were no more than hollow words.

He Added, “The region is currently witnessing a parade of foreign politicians arriving in the region and of continuous speechifying, which shows that external powers aim to bring military forces and military facilities into the region to deter Iran’s regional interventions.”

Larijani also said, “The (Arab) regional countries are asking for protection from these foreign nations using the false pretext of the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons, and their deception should be exposed.

After that, the anchor resumes, “Another speaker at the conference, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that as he had already stated, the idea of being able to buy regional security is simply a mirage.”

Zarif added, “The Arab Gulf nations, showing an utter lack of political integrity, had brought a woman [Theresa May] to the region to reassure them that European nations would bring and guarantee their security, asking when these European nations had ever been able to guarantee the security of those Arab nations which now talked so much about this subject.

He asked the conference delegates whether they remembered the period when Iran had reached the nuclear agreement, when the clamour from the same regional countries became loud, with these nations accusing the USA of betraying them.   Zarif said that this demonstrated that these nations were attempting to buy their own security, understanding that their security was vanishing, which he said illustrates that the concept of buying security is troubling to these regional nations.

A third regime official speaking at the conference,   Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran,  says, “Many factors had changed in the Middle East; for instance, he said,  Britain, formerly a great imperial power which controlled much of the region, had eventually been driven out due to the resistance of the region’s nations.

He adds, “With Britain dwindling to England and exiting the EU, the Prime Minister of tiny England, Theresa May, had come to the region behaving as though she were Margaret Thatcher. Shamkhani dismissed May’s comments on Iran, saying that if they were important to the Iranian leadership, they would have responded to her