IRGC Second-in-Command: no limit to our missile program

Brigadier-General Hossein Salami: We have self-reliant capacity within the country to develop this part of the [missile] power. And as I said, there are no limits, no bottlenecks, not deterrence for us to develop this capacity. This quantitative and qualitative power is increasing and is one of the pillars of our power. And we have no limits for its structure. It means that our missile capacity cannot be contained within a fixed structure. Let’s say we have 50 missile groups; we will not stop developing our missile capability when these 50 missile groups reach a certain capacity. No. Our missile capacity is absolutely open and limitless issue with regard to its structure, organization, development, quantity and quality. It means that we know no limit for ourselves when it comes to developing this capability. That is because threats against us have no space or time limits, and the threats are from various geographical locations. And they have many complexities. Missile power is one of the main pillars of our defense and deterrent power.

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